Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Functional Medicine?

It's a personalized approach to healing that addresses the root causes of health issues, considering the interconnectedness of the body's systems. It uses nutrient-dense foods, exercise, community, and pharmaceutical-grade supplements to heal the mind, body and soul of an individual.


How is Functional Medicine Different from Conventional Medicine?

Functional medicine offers solutions to underlying causes of disease rather than suppressing the symptom. Functional medicine providers focus on looking at the whole person, their disease, what's going well, the timeline of their health journey, other factors affecting their health and make a personalized plan together to address the root cause of what is ailing them.


What Functional Medicine Tests Are Available?

I offer a variety of tests, including comprehensive blood panels, genomic testing, and specialized assessments to provide a detailed view of your health. Visit the AK Wellness Rupa health store by clicking on "order" in the main menu and then clicking the "lab testing" button.


How Does Personalized Treatment Work?

Start by filling out the "work with me" form. I'll take a look at it and determine if we're a good match. If we are, I'll send a link to book an appointment. If not, I'll send some referral recommendations. After analyzing your unique health data, I'll create a tailored plan that may include lifestyle modifications, nutritional support, and targeted supplements.


Can Functional Medicine be Integrated with Conventional Treatments?

In many cases, they can complement each other for a more holistic and effective treatment plan. Most of my clients have already tried conventional treatment approaches, so I typically focus on functional medicine treatments - it all depends on your unique needs.


Can Alani Kalfayan, NP-C be my primary care provider?

No. AK Wellness provides specialized health care. You will need to maintain a relationship with a primary care provider for conventional routine screening exams and emergency care.


How can I ask Alani Kalfayan, NP-C a quick question?

You can book a 15 minute free consult to ask quick questions and see if I'm a good fit. If you haven’t seen me before, fill out the form under “work with me” and I’ll send you booking details. There is also a messaging function in the AK Wellness practice portal.


Is Functional Medicine Covered by Insurance?

This practice has chosen not to participate directly with insurance for several reasons. One key factor is that insurance often operates within a conventional medical model, which may not fully cover the comprehensive and personalized approach that functional medicine entails. This allows the flexibility to spend more time with each patient, thoroughly analyzing individual health data, and developing personalized treatment plans.

Additionally, by not relying on insurance billing, the practice can maintain a patient-centered focus without being constrained by the limitations often associated with insurance reimbursement. A more extensive range of functional medicine tests, personalized treatments, and ongoing support to optimize your health can also be offered.


Will medical insurance pay for testing?

Maybe. Some insurance will cover a portion of certain tests. We can work together to see if this might be the case for you.


What is the average cost of testing?

Each person is unique and will have different tests recommended depending on their health. You can visit the lab store to get an idea of the testing costs.


How Long Does the Functional Medicine Process Take?

The duration varies based on individual health goals and complexities. It typically involves an initial plan and ongoing assessments and adjustments.


Can Functional Medicine Help with Preventive Care?

Absolutely! Functional medicine is not only about treating existing conditions, but also focuses on preventive strategies to optimize long-term health.


What Conditions Can Functional Medicine Address?

It can address a wide range of conditions, from chronic diseases to hormonal imbalances and digestive issues. 

What is the AK Wellness cancellation policy?

AK Wellness is committed to all of our patients with exceptional care. A substantial amount of time is used to prepare for each of your appointments.

For this reason, we have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

If an appointment is cancelled after the 48 hour window, you will be charged the full amount of your appointment fee.

There is no fee to reschedule or cancel an appointment if requested outside of the 48-hour minimum cancellation policy.

We understand unavoidable life circumstances (death in the family or hospitalization) may cause you to cancel within 48 hours. Such cases will be evaluated by the provider.


Where is Alani Kalfayan, NP-C, licensed to practice?

Washington, California, Arizona and Hawaii.


What is Alani Kalfayan’s training?

Alani Kalfayan is trained in both conventional and integrative medicine. She graduated from the Institute for Functional Medicine’s training program, and is experienced in identifying and treating the root cause of disease using in-depth medical testing, pharmaceutical grade supplements and botanicals.

Alani is also an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She received her Master’s of Science in Nursing as a family nurse practitioner from Seattle University in 2012. Her clinical work includes HIV prevention research, primary care of the whole family, and women’s health. She has full prescriptive authority and is licensed in Washington, California, Arizona and Hawaii. Alani attends functional and conventional medical trainings throughout the year to keep up to date on the latest research and treatment modalities.


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