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I’m Alani Kalfayan, NP-C.

I’m a board-certified nurse practitioner and functional medicine provider. I’m passionate about getting to know you, discovering the root cause of your disease and partnering to create a pathway to healing so you can live longer and healthier.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.



In 2007 I went to Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

It was beautiful.

I swam in the ocean, met the locals, and ate the freshest fruit and spiciest street food…and returned home with the worst case of Montezuma’s revenge!

After six months my gut still wasn’t back to normal. After a colonoscopy, liver scan, trips to urgent care, primary care and specialists, I was spit back out of our healthcare system with the catch-all diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and a patronizing one pager on not using drinking straws, avoiding carbonated beverages and eating less cheese.

A few other life changes later, I switched careers and became a family nurse practitioner. I was determined to get to the bottom of my own health issues, while helping everyone else prevent disease (or so I thought).

After graduating, I worked in a series of health clinics where the name of the game was to quickly analyze symptoms and prescribe short-term fixes. I was always looking for the opportunity to have more time with people in the clinic and less restrictions on practicing to the full extent of my license. Insurance dictates a lot of what medical providers can do, and soon it was apparent that my dream of practicing true preventative medicine or to reverse chronic disease was being exchanged for prescribing more medications, faster.  

I wanted something else. I needed something better. Both for others and for my myself (I was still searching for answers to my own gut issues).

And I found it – it’s called Functional Medicine. It seems crazy that the simple concept of determining the root cause of disease and helping people with long-term solutions is “alternative” medicine.

I know it's the future of medicine. 

I want to hear your story. Offer answers to tough questions that take time and space to answer. And work with you to make a plan for health that fits into your busy schedule. 

I’ve spent a decade learning about wellness, integrative health, functional medicine, energy healing and through countless appointments with acupuncturists, integrative health providers, primary care providers, naturopathic doctors, yoga teachers, and gurus – you name it I’ve done it! I’m here to share all I’ve learned with you, and to keep learning more.

My life is messy.

And beautiful.

And hard.

And I know yours can be too.

Work with me to help you make the change you need to restore your health.

Humans are multifaceted, cultivating their health can be too.

Let's radically shift the way we think about health.

In Wellness,


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"I didn't know the food I was eating was making me so sick."


"I am so impressed with the care I'm receiving at AK Wellness. This is the first time I can say my provider is actually listening to me. Alani is professional, personable, and also a real human. She took the most thorough history and together we created a plan that actually feels doable to address the things going on for me."


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